By post theater, 2010

"Fish-Tales" is a series of performance-projects that deal with the same topic: fish. Several stories are told, either by one fish ("The Only Tuna") or three (trio-version, March 2010). In all versions, post theater collaborated very closely with the performing artists Beatrice Fleischlin (tuna), Martin Clausen (Herring) and Alexander Schro┬Ęder (Cod). They not only perform, act, dance, but have created their own choreography and play text according to the guidelines / concept provided by post theater.
All three find their individual approaches to the topic - and very different artistic languages. All performers perform their own type of fish. All three share their role as globally traded commodity and the fact that they are important to the cultural and culinary identity for some people. The audience is invited to follow to various sub-themes and topics all over the maritime world.

Artistic director / media art: Hiroko Tanahashi | Performers, text, choreography: Alexander Schroeder, Beatrice Fleischlin, Martin Clausen | Co-artistic director / dramaturge: Max Schumacher | Sound art / music: Sibin Vassilev | Media programming: Yoann Trellu | Costume design: Marion Reddmann, Luzia Fleischlin Technical director: Fabian Bleisch | Production management: Mario Stumpfe

Sibin Vassilev
Kleiststr. 38 B
10787 Berlin

Phone: 0049 30 24 04 58 60