Express Fight Club, 2008

By post theater
Music & Multichannel sound environment: Sibin Vassilev
Sibin Vassilev designed the sound choreography for post theater's automated multimedia choreography machine Express Fight Club: A Chorus in a disused vehicle paint shop at former workshop facilities of Berlin's transport company.

The production is based on the famous novel and movie Fight Club about a group of men who set up an underground after-work fighting club as an escape from their humdrum everyday existence in the material world. 

In Express Fight Club: A Chorus, the audience is ushered into a windowless, eerie room. There is no stage. There are no seats. There are no performers. Words are projected onto one of the walls: "Do not cross the line". And, indeed, the audience can see a line of light projected across the floor. The door closes, and the viewers are left alone with a video of a large man issuing orders. Thanks to a multi-channel soundscape, the man's instructions are integrated into the performance space in such a way as to create a panoptic situation of a non-visual kind; viewers feel they are being observed acoustically.


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