• The sound artist Sibin Vassilev grew up in Sofia and Berlin. Currently he lives and works in Berlin.

    Sibin Vassilev’s musical career began in the early nineties when he co-founded and played bass for the Bulgarian rock band Rag Dolls, a crossover outfit that shaped the Bulgarian music scene in the early years after the collapse of Communism. After releasing an LP, being nominated for awards and producing a number of music videos that dominated in the Bulgarian top ten, the bassist turned his attentions to electroacoustic music. At EXPO 2000 in Hanover Sibin Vassilev explored interactions between space, archi-tecture and sound, and how contents and themes can be shaped and enhanced through audio environments. His work appeared in the pavilions of Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, and the World Bank. For the 2003 Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften at the Humboldt University Berlin he developed two media installations. In 2003 he also produced the soundtrack for the multimedia performance evening Turnover [House, Unsettled] (Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Berlin. Production: post theater). For the multimedia documentary theater Heavenly Bento (Bonn Biennale and Berlin, 2004; Singapore, 2005; Japan Society, New York, 2009, Tokyo, 2012. Production: post theater) he implemented the entire soundtrack in a multichannel audio environment. In 2006 he created, in collaboration with the artist Ivan Moudov, the audio installation Guide, presented at the Sofia Art Gallery and the ACC Galerie Weimar, amongst others. In 2007 Sibin Vassilev realized the composition for the sport drama B-Jugend (GRIPS Theater, Berlin). In 2008 he developed further musical space-compositions for post theater's skinSITEs XI and per_vilion IV (both in Salamanca, Spain), skinSITEs XII (Rijeka's Summer Nights, Croatia), Fight Club: A Chorus (State Opera Berlin) as well as Express Fight Club (tanznacht berlin'08).

  • Furthermore his work Infrasonic Variations was invited at the 2008 Young Artists Biennale Bucharest. In 2009 he built the 16-channel sound installation Tonschleuse for the German Historical Museum, Berlin. In 2010 he produced the multi channel sound design for Yui Kawaguchi's dance performance "Andropolaroid"(Dance theatre price oft he City of Colone 2010). In 2011 he realized the quadrophonic sound environment oft he performance Man Ex Machina (by Venelin Shurelov). In 2011/12 Sibin Vassilev composed the multichannel music and sound environment for Yui Kawasguchis dance performance “Bubble Boxing” (theater 51grad.com). His Sound-Light-Installation EDISON [collaboration with Fabian Bleisch] was presented at the Digital Arts Festival 2013 in Sofia and in DOCK 11 Berlin. He composed the Music for the German-Bulgarian theater play MERRY-GO- ROUND [by theater 51° / SubHuman theatre, 2014/15 Berlin, Köln, Sofia, Varna, Burgas ]. He created the sound design and music for post theater’s “Jobs in Heaven” and House of Hope” which won the Stuttgart Theater Award 2015 and 2016. In 2017 Sibin Vassilev composed the music for Satellites (by post theater & subHuman theatre) presented at Ballhaus OST Berlin, International Theatre Festival Varna Summer 2017, Fitz Stuttgart and Digital Arts Festival 2017, Sofia.

Sibin Vassilev
Kleiststr. 38 B
10787 Berlin

Email: sibin@sibin.de
Phone: 0049 30 24 04 58 60