Heavenly BENTO, 2004

By post theater
Heavenly BENTO, 2004
"Sibin Vassilev's sound score, mostly abstract electronics, fits well with the visuals and supports them effectively. " R. Pikser, TheaterScene.net

post theater's multimedia performance Heavenly BENTO tells the story of two consumer electronics pioneers who set up their own business among the ruins of Tokyo after the Second World War. The company quickly becomes a global player, even enjoying success in America, Japan's former foe. The two visionaries' inventions and triumphs change the world – but also alter their personalities and their friendship. 

The soundtrack is designed for quadraphonic surround sound and is incorporated into the theatre's architecture in such a way as to create an additional space that develops over the course of time and changes with the drama as the action unfolds. The various soundscapes combine the strains of traditional Japanese instruments with recordings of mechanical and digital noises taken from consumer electronics and the urban environment. Fragments of music typical to geographical regions are also incorporated to anchor the action in its respective location. 

Performer: Jun Kim(Akio Morita) / Alexander Schoeder (Masaru Ibuka) | Dance / Choreography: Kazue Ikeda | Artistic Director, Idea: Hiroko Tanahashi | Performance Director: Max Schumacher | Dramaturgy: Andreas Horbelt | Stage Design: Matthias Boettger | Music / Sound: Sibin Vassilev

History: 2004 Biennale Bonn | 2004 Sophiensaele Berlin | 2005 Singapore Arts Festival | 2009 Japan Society, New York | 2012 SONY, Tokio


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