By SubHuman Theatre
Man ex Machina
Мan еx Machina is a chamber theatre play, combination of installation, performance and lecture. It deals with the relationship between human and technologies that provoke the creation of various hybrid creatures. These supernatural, spectacular creatures mark the borders between human and technological, born and made, fact and fiction. Such is the protagonist in the performance – complicated eclectic object, which includes new technologies and old mechanisms, the body of the artist and sophisticated electronics. What are the fantasies of a cyborg, how the technological realizes the human longings, how a person Self-construct and self-destruct himself in the fantasy realm of technology? The man from the machine (Man ex Machina), like the Deus ex Machina in the Ancient Greece theatre is an appropriate figure, capable to give answers to these questions. Man ex Machina is an original character, built up upon the metaphor human – pseudo-human, and viewed through socialization and theatralization of the human counterpart. 

Idea, text, protagonist, scenography - Venelin Shurelov
multichannel sound environment - Sibin Vasilev
3D animator - Yosif Bozhilov
video editing - Martin Penev, Venelin Shurelov
set and props - Borislav Tonev (Bucky), Venelin Shurelov
voice - Venelin Shurelov, Elena Kabasakalova


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